Hey guys, welcome to the Ideas in Motion Blog!  

This blog will let you follow the participants as they work on their businesses and keep you updated on the program and the entrepreneurship process.

Ideas in Motion is more than just an incubator for newcomer entrepreneurs, it is a chance to work together to build inclusive societies. Entrepreneurs, no matter if they are from Bavaria or Beirut, usually work to capacity bringing their business to life. Adding to that the perfect PR-Strategy is difficult. Which is why this Blog will support the “Entrepreneurs in Motion”. The Ideas in Motion Blog is a communications platform for the entrepreneurs, as well as for you. The content comes directly from the participants of the program, because nobody can tell  their stories as good as they can. Feel the passion, creativity and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs and get to know their businesses and the people behind it. We invite you to be part of the Ideas in Motion process – from the idea to the business.

Ideas in Motion started on March 1st with a three day Kick-Off. From team building and peer introductions to elevator pitches, it was an incredible energy amongst the participants. Since then the entrepreneurs have been working tirelessly on their projects and attending the workshops and seminars of the program. So far the workshops centered amongst others around design thinking, market implementation and a how to think like an entrepreneur and be a leader. While the projects develop along the way, we took some time to celebrate the participants and the public launch of the Ideas in Motion program. With more workshops to come, stay tuned and accompany the entrepreneurs and their vision in their journey.

Welcome to the Ideas in Motion Blog

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