The Syrian fashion designer who has already dressed international celebrities and now aims to brighten up Berliner nightlife



“I’ve always been working in evening wear. After Syria I lived in Lebanon for seven years, then I moved to Dubai for eight years and now I’m in Berlin since three years. In Lebanon and Dubai I made a lot of haute couture, I designed wedding dresses for many Arab celebrities and some international ones like J.Lo and Beyoncé. I’m now starting my own business and I feel truly happy; this is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I define my work as singular, fun and comfortable. It’s basically streetwear business but with a touch of handwork and a bit of customization. My ideal customer is someone who is fashionable and likes to have an original and locally made piece; someone who thinks outside the box just like me.

People have told me to move to Paris, that with my experience I could easily find a good job there. But I don’t like Paris; it’s not my place! It’s Berlin that really inspires me – the city, the nightlife, the freedom… Once I was out at this alternative underground party in the middle of nowhere and everyone around was so stylish! One could see the effort they’ve put into customizing their clothes, so I thought I should present something to these people! I love this city and the way it had completely changed my perception of many things. My big dream is to open my own shop here and have a one-to-one relationship with my clients. It’s also on my plans soon to be hiring many people, I’ll opt for newcomers, especially women, because I want to help them to be more independent.”

Meet Kussay

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