The founders of DALILI – Arabic for “My Guide” – a platform in Arabic for newcomers and refugees to find services best suited to them

“When you arrive here and you don’t know anything about this country, you don’t have a lot of information that you need. You spend a lot of time getting papers ready and moving between the government offices. And for us, for me especially it was the same situation, like I lost a lot of time. I don’t want the others to lose this time but to directly take the chance.” In an interview with Maher, the co-founder of Dalili explained why he felt the need to create something like a yellow pages for newcomer services in Arabic.

“We want to provide newcomers information so they can access the services they need and integrate in the best way possible. A lot of initiatives are working to provide you with an opportunity to create new value for your life, to learn new things. A lot of great things are out there and we want a big number from these newcomers to know about those projects, so they can get the most benefits from them.”

Prior to joining Ideas in Motion, Maher and Hosheng met at another startup competition in Berlin. Realising they had complementary skills, Maher asked Hosheng to join him in what he soon realised would be larger than a small project or idea. “After we finished, it was 10 days, we won this competition and so at that time we decided we want to make it as a real project and make it as a company.”

Hosheng who already runs his own website design and programming company explained, “What inspired me, was that I’m working also with many NGOs on programming their websites in the way they want but those websites don’t speak to me. I’m just making them, just developing or programming them.” Knowing what would really speak to Syrian newcomers and knowing what kinds of services they actually need, Hosheng decided to take matters into his own hands and co-create Dalili.

Maher describes their project as “Hope, success, future – Ideas in Motion.”

Maher explained, “We want to not only be a service search engine, it will be just one part of the project. But there are also other parts like helping people find job, internships, social events, and free German courses. So it will be like a guide, because anyway Dalili means my guide so it will be your guide for all that services or for your life here in this new country…starting from the beginning, step by step, like to integrate in language, study, university, internship, job, happy life.”

Meet Hosheng and Maher

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