From the Ideas in Motion pilot earlier this year, we were able to draw a number of key insights that have shaped the re-design of the program for our second cohort, starting later this week. One recurrent feedback was about the complex brand set up of Ideas in Motion - it was not always clear to others what this joint venture was about. So we decided to get simple!

From now on, we'll name the incubation program the SINGA Business Lab. Our joint venture partner Project Re:Start will remain involved as key advisory partner. However, this new set up will allow us to develop our idea into a strong, easier to communicate brand. We will proudly continue to set innovative business ideas of newcomer entrepreneurs in motion!



SINGA Business Lab is a business incubator in Berlin that focuses specifically on the needs of newcomer entrepreneurs. The incubator was co-created through a human-centered design process with newcomer entrepreneurs to identify their key challenges and design a program that would best enable their success.

The key challenges identified were a lack of professional support, a lack of knowledge of the local legal and regulatory frameworks, lack of access to local networks, and a lack of access to funding. The program was thus designed to address these challenges by bringing together newcomer and local entrepreneurs, business experts and academics, the wider start-up community, and interested professionals from a variety of fields to build bridges and overcome these challenges – setting up our entrepreneurs to really put their Ideas in Motion!

Our services include:

  • Concept & Business Model Design: a practical and hands-on ideation and innovation course combining the methodologies of design thinking, lean start-up, and service design to test, iterate, and refine business models.
  • Business Academy: a rigorous curriculum of critical business skills that an entrepreneur needs to run a successful business, from the “hard” skills such as marketing and finance to “soft” skills needed for an entrepreneur to be an inspiring leader.
  • Professional Mentoring: 1-1 professional guidance by a mentor individually matched to the entrepreneur’s needs to provide coaching and feedback, share experience and key insights, and help grow their local network.
  • Expert Network & Start-up Community: a network of diverse professionals and service providers in relevant fields such as web development, graphic design, accounting, etc. that offer their expertise or services pro-bono, as well as building connections with the local start-up ecosystem to create a sustainable network of entrepreneurial support.
  • German Legal & Funding Advice: professional advice from legal, accounting, tax, and insurance providers on German regulations and formalities. From establishing a legal company to identifying potential funding sources, we support in overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles faced by newcomer entrepreneurs in Germany.